Donjoy and Shoes

Brace Yourself

Frequent dislocations are a daily part of life for those of us with EDS, we’re like wobbly new born deers on one day, and the next we’re strong like lumberjack! With all the popping and crunching of my joints I sometimes feel like I’m secretly a Transformer just waiting to learn how to turn into a cool robot car.

My most frequent dislocations are shoulder, knee, hip, and jaw. Lucky I can use braces to stabilize my knees and I have a sling to lighten the load on my shoulders on those bad days. For extra bad knee and hip days I have to use crutches but that wrecks havoc on my shoulders so it can be a tradeoff.

I find ice packs are a great way to minimize inflammation so I have a whole collection of different sizes and shapes. I still haven’t found a great way to attach them to my body so that I can still function, so right now it’s really just ice pack wrapped onto my shoulder like a gun holster using wraps. Hahahah! I look a bit like a football player.

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