Flower Power


Hi I’m Martina!

I started this blog to support those of us suffering from invisible illnesses which cause so many of us to feel defeated before the day even begins.  It can come in the form of illness, depression, internal injuries, medical conditions, mental abuse, and so much more. While I look pretty normal on the outside (if pink hair counts as normal) I was born with Type 3 EDS (Hypermobility) which causes crippling pain on a daily basis and has only been getting worse with old age.  

I found that focusing on small goals, such as looking FAAAAABBULOUS, learning a new hair braid, or putting together colourful outfits has helped me to get out of bed and face the day. These smalls goals pull me out of depression and put a smile on my face. Whether we have an illness or not, we must never stop grasping for the beautiful things in life. So I figure a lot of us might be in pain but at least we can look cute while feeling it.  

Let’s all support each other with the positive things that get us through the day and be Painfully Cute while doing it.


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  1. Wonderfully put. Obviously I understand your pain 😉 and I always remember Baka, Nana and Mom (she still does) telling us to put on lipstick or dress up in something special to improve your mood. It’s so true. The day I unknowingly went into labour I felt like garbage and made a special effort to dress up for work, wear heels, and look prego fabulous! This is such a wonderful idea I can’t wait to see more!

    • It’s amazing how much I put down people wearing makeup when I was growing up, but my attitude has changed to one that views makeup as a fun and exciting thing! It’s like colouring on your face! Hahahah! But the boost of confidence that comes from feeling cute or sassy from just a shade of lipstick amazes me. 😀