View of Taipei at Night

Taiwan, Hotels, and Hairstyles

So we had the chance to travel to Taiwan and although it was a short trip, we had an amazing time. In the world of pain, the weather was very warm so i didn’t deal with many days of achy winter joints (anyone else get those shooting pains that come with rain and cold weather) but I did have a very bad knee day which resulted in wearing a knee brace. I did pack a plethora of long dresses to cover any possibility of wearing a knee brace and the hotel we were staying in was very accessible! We stayed at the Shangri-La Far Eastert Hotel in Taipai and they even had tiny ramps in the lobby for the three little stairs in the entrance. It was really nice to just elevator it up and down and use the ramp to get to the taxis easily.

Speaking of hotels, it was the first time we were ever greeted in our hotel room by the management team. Is this a delightful tiny tray covered in tiny sweets and fruits dipped in chocolate? It sure is! I’d love to let you know what they tasted like, but I can’t, because my piggy husband Simon ate them all. Our hotel room was BIG like, really big and while I think most people would not need that much space, we turned the entire desk, couch, and table area into a charging station for all our gear, plus storage of tripods, plus laptops for dumping all the daily footage. It was just crazy looking.

Speaking of piggies, is that my travel pig Kogi lounging in the background picture? It sure is. Kogi will never go out of style. Another highlight of the trip, besides the delicious food was getting my hair washed and styled at a Taiwanese hair salon. My hair look UH MAZE ING! I’ll be honest: I didn’t wash it for two days. I can’t be the only person who tried to make a hairstyle last a second day by brushing through the mass amount of hairspray in my hair, which sure was difficult. Right? It’s not just me…right? Guise…