Happy Halloween!

Halloween 2015

One of my all time favourite holidays, a day for “normal” people to play dress up even though the rest of us have being doing it throughout the year at cosplay conventions…haha! I went for the most traditional costume I have ever gone for: an anime witch.

It wasn’t a particular anime witch, just a slightly creepy but slightly cute witch. Here’s how I put this simple costume together!

I already owned the “witch” dress which I bought on Etsy in a vintage store last year, and my pointed velvet slippers were also already my normal wardrobe. I also already owned the dragon bone finger ring, in fact it’s been with me since high school!

I got these incredible fake eyelashes from DAISO while in Japan for like $3.00 that had a laser cut detailed castle, bat, and hissing cat. It required a layer of fake normal eyelashes first so that they could point in a more upright manner, but they were very light! I also got “tattoo” eyeliner which I cut with scissors so that I could just have the spiderweb part. They were also under $3.00 so a great deal!

My creepy lenses were around $20.00 from Korea and they were light brown with a black lace design overlay and a thick black circle lens outline on them. Circle lenses tend to look creepy on me, especially when I don’t buy a full colour lens. This lens was only meant to cover the outside of my eye thus mixing the brown with my blue and creating a super creepy colour!

Altogether it was a really easy costume to put together since the emphasis was on the makeup! I got it all done in about one hour. Oh yeah!!
So are you a Halloween fan? If yes, what are some of your favourite costumes you’ve dressed up as?