Hidden Sling

To Hide An Arm Sling

It’s pretty hard to completely hide an arm sling but it is totally possible to distract people from it. My technique is simple: if I’m using my black sling, I wear a light black sweater to help it blend into my outfit. By having it tossed over my shoulder, it looks like my sling is actually just my arm in a sweater but when you get a better look, you realize I’m in a sling.

The sweater technique is great because now I have built up a collection of cute sweaters that can be worn casually over an adorable Sailor Moon t-shirt (as you can see here) or even over a cute dress. My two favourites are my skull sweater (which I’m wearing in this photo) and my cherry sweater which I tried to take a picture of, but a certain mischievous cat got in the way.

When you’re having a bad shoulder day, the best thing to do is to rest it until it relocates or stops being so swollen, but it’s pretty hard to rest it when you have a life to run! Being a blogger means lots of typing and camera work that involves both arms but over the years I’ve become pretty nifty at being a one handed typer. I’ve broken both my wrists, both my arms, nearly cut off my pinky, and broke my palm bone (all on different days) so I’ve experienced life in a cast with one hand before. And not those awesome new nifty casts that are all fibreglass light and colourful and stuff. I had the old school plaster cast that was heavy, smelt super rank, and had to be wrapped up with three bags and duct tape just to take a shower.

Anyone else broken an arm/wrist/hand and experienced the bag shower technique and smelly cast? Let me know! ^^