Hello Kitty Backpack

The Mint Hello Kitty Backpack

I feel like I’m following one post about Sailor Moon by another childish post about Hello Kitty. HAHAHAHAH!! Oh well. I’m admit. This is my third Hello Kitty backpack. I have a white one with a big fuzzy moustache, a tiny pink one cover in candy, a white traditional backpack with a cloth hood you can pull into your head. This glorious mint backpack I got as a gift and I LOVE IT!!! Pink and mint together? PLUS POLKA DOTS! ARGH DREAM COMBINATION!!!

I paired my childish backpack with a mini-skirt overall which I thought looked equally childish. I did a simple dutch braid ponytail pulled up high with a light blue banana covered bow band so that my hair wouldn’t distract from my bag. I used a link pink Sailor Moon bow to grab all those pesky fly away hair and to keep my bow band from slipping up out of my hair. A simple pair of black slipper shoes were a comfy addition for my bad knee day since I was adventuring around in Atlanta that day.

This is in an area called Cabbagetown which is home to an amazing graffiti wall. I just couldn’t resist taking photos by the colourful walls.

White Overall Skirt

Do you own any Hello Kitty bags yourself? Do you think they’re too childish or can Hello Kitty be pulled off by various age groups? Let me know!