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The Awesomest Sailor Moon Dress

I love Sailor Moon. So when I saw the possibilities of purchasing a skater dress that looks like Princess Serenity’s dress and is NOT intended as a Halloween costume I was like…”Martina, you are an adult, and as an adult you have the ability to purchase and wear a dress that resembles a costume whenever you please. Your parents will not tell you no, because they can’t. It would be irresponsible of you to NOT purchase this dress.”

So I did.

I got it from an Australian clothing company called Livingdead Clothing (who I stumbled upon on Instagram) and if it’s not already sold out, you can click here to check out their store.

I added a layer of puff underneath and belted it with an elastic belt with a big pink puffy bow on it to add more puff. MORE PUFF! I WANT MOREEEE PUFFFFFFFF!!!! A couple high pigtails and it looks super cute!

sailor moon coy

Also, we were in Houston Texas while I was wearing this lovely dress and we went to the 59diner for dinner and I totally fit in with my crazy puffy dress. I felt like I stepped into a diner from Archie comics so I asked Simon to do some traditional Betty vs Veronica vs Archie posing. I think it went pretty well.

Would you wear a dress like this too or do you think it’s too crazy?