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Designer Shoe Warehouse Haul

Okay. I’ve got big feet and I cannot lie. I’m a size 10 to 11 depending on the style of shoe, but usually I fit a size 10 pretty consistently. This is a HUGE problem when living in Korea because the biggest size they have is a size 8. In Korea I’m a 260 and the biggest size I’ve ever seen in a 250 and that’s still kind of hard to find. I’ve learned to appreciate how easy it used to be for me to just go to the shoe store and buy a pair of shoes when I used to live in Canada. Now shoe shopping in Korea consists of looking for a narrow pair of men’s shoes that can fit!

Enter NYC. I discovered the Designer Shoe Warehouse and lost my mind. This place is like a giant Payless Shoes and if you don’t know what that is, picture a giant store filled with name brand shoes of all types at a reasonable price. Well I walked in there, grabbed a shopping bag, and headed straight to the sale section. There were THREE ENTIRE ROWS of size 10 shoes on sale! OH MY LORD! HOLD ME BACK!!! Simon promptly abandoned me and told me to call him when I was done.

The Rainbow Wedge by Crown Vintage Size 10

I was looking for a new wedge (I love flat bottom shoes for my suspect ankles and knees) that could match with lots of various outfits. A lot of wedges are quite heavy so I have to find one that doesn’t make my feet drag and this one was light and fluffy with no need to break it in! I didn’t get a single blister or weird rubbing strap. WIN!

Glittery Gladiator Sandal by Guess Size 9 1/2

There are days you can wear heels and there are days you just cannot. For those nope nope nope days I wanted a cute shoe that could match with a pair of shorts and a dress. I loved the subtle glitter that in wound amongst the plain black leather of these sandals. They’re also super comfy, no rubbing in weird places. I did go for a smaller size because I have narrow feet so the 10 caused my foot to slide around since the straps aren’t adjustable on the sides. 9 1/2 on the very last notch of the strap was a perfect fit!

Flamingo and Palm Trees by Sanuk Men’s Size 8

The plus size of having big feet means I can buy men’s shoes that match my husband’s shoes! Simon picked out these shoes and I went, “Um. Yup. I’m getting a pair too.” This is our first time buying Sanuks and besides one day of epic breaking in via walking all over NYC these shoes mold to your feet and are cloud soft! My mom tried to steal them. GOOD TRY MOM.

What was the last pair of shoes you bought? Are you a practical shoe kind of person or do you buy shoes based on how awesome they look? I totally have one pair of shoes that I can barely wear because the heel is so tiny and high but I just loved them so much I had to buy them. They sit patiently waiting in the closest for the one day I wear them out for 10 whole minutes. HAHAHAHA!

Have any of you been to the Designer Shoe Warehouse? Also, do you have a pair of unicorn shoes too? Let me know so I don’t feel as bad about my unicorns… 😉