Polka dot vintage dress

Vintage 50s Day Dress

Red. Polka Dot. Puffy. This is my all time favourite vintage dress. I’m addicted to browsing Etsy for vintage dresses. I found this gem in one of my most favourite shops, GogoVintage. I was a little worried because it was extra large while I’m normally a large but by just tossing on a belt it creates a flattering but relaxed hourglass puff.

Since this is a vintage day dress, it has a full skirt and it is also on the long side going past my knees (PSSSTTT which is great for disguising knee braces). A full skirt means you want to wear a puffy magical tulle crinoline underneath or else it will just hang flat and heavy with all the fabric. The tulle also gives a lift so it ends up just around my knee.

This type of dress requires a heel to lengthen your leg, even if it’s a kitten heel or else the length of the dress will make you look very short and stumpy. I paired this with a cheap comfy wedge I got from Target last year which is all flat bottomed and good for wobbley knee cap people like me!

I love pairing serious outfits with inappropriately cute accessories. I think it shakes up the whole look and makes it more playful! So I chose my ice cream earrings because they have a lovely red cherry ontop as to match my dress and my amazing cross-stitch Sailor Moon bracelet features all the transformation pens and broaches. It was made for me by an awesome fan while we were on our Meet Your Kimchi tour and I love it!

So are any of you into vintage clothing? Let me know what kind you like or does it not match your body type?

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