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Purple Lipstick Be Crazy

I have never been a lipstick kind of gal.

The wind would blow and my hair would get stuck to my lipgloss or I’d put it on perfectly and after five minutes I’d have it smeared on my teeth without noticing. However after years of pining after funky lipstick colours on Instagram I finally decided to give it another try.

I started with the simple jelly lipsticks from Etude House that only gently wet your lips with colour. I soon became mad with power and purchased MORE jelly lipsticks in bolder hotter pinks. I dipped into the lip stains and purchased a candy red one that smelt like cherries. Eventually I had to have something wilder.
 PURPLE LIPSTICK.  I began my hunt in Korea but alas it seemed like Korea was just not into the crazy shades. I pined over the purple lipstick toting Instagram girls and guys. They didn’t know how lucky they were.

Finally on a trip back to Canada I popped into Sephora and dropped by Kat Von D to get a refill on my favourite liquid eyeliner. Sitting in the middle of the display case were three glorious purple lipsticks. I bought the strange iridescent glittery looking Wonderchilde. With purple and pink flecks of glitter and a purple meets fuchsia colour, it looked like a magic gem more than a lipstick. It was hidden in a gothic looking studded black lipstick case which already screamed super cool. It applied like a dream all smooth and moisturizey and surprisingly never rubbed off on my teeth!

After buying Wonderchilde I recently picked up another Kat Von D purple lipstick called Covon. It’s a very matte light lavender (Wonderchilde is moist looking) and it’s totally crazy looking. I feel like I look a little bit like a frost giant zombie with this lipstick on. The next time I where it I’m going to try a more dramatic smokey eye to balance out the paleness of this lipstick.

It has taken me a while to figure out how to wear this lipstick. Simple eyes work the best. I go with a white eyeshadow and a thin black cat eyeliner with a touch of mascara. I usually avoid any large accessories and stick to simple hairstyles such as the simple fringe braid you can see in these photos. The key is to let your lipstick be the focal point of your makeup. This isn’t a subtle lighting of your lips, this is a bold colour splash and it shall not be ignored!

Also let’s take a moment to acknowledge the awesomeness which is my Sailor Moon zipper pull. I love mixing cute with fierce so I toned down my pleather jacket with its rocky spikes with a glittery pink dash of Sailor Moon.

So what do you think about my purple lipstick phase? Is it cool looking or creepy? Would you ever where it yourself? Let me know!

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