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Practical Airport Fashion

Living in Korea is fantastic but it usually means really long flights to get anywhere. Flying back to Canada is a 10-16 hour journey depending on where you are going. If you add up all the hours of being awake before the flight, you’ve got getting up to get ready, arriving thee hours before your flight, waiting at the airport to catch the next connecting flight, waiting for your luggage, and getting to your final destination adds up to an almost 24hour day of wearing the same clothing and lugging things around. So I’ve finally crafted the perfect plane outfit.

This is an XL dress from UNIQLO and it has a comfy built in bra! BUILT IN BRAAAAAAAA! That equals no uncomfortable metal bra bits poking me on the plane while I squirm around in my seat! I used to always pack pajamas on the plane, but it meant more things to carry in my backpack. Built in bra-dress is the way to go! It is made with a cotton/spandex blend which means no wrinkles in my dress after all that flying. My slipper shoes are super comfy for long airport walks but still look cute with my dress. I also always pack fuzzy Hello Kitty airplanes socks to keep my toes all warm so that I can take off my shoes on the plane.

I did dutch braid pig-tails because the separation of hair means your head won’t get sore when you lean back on the airplane seat. Also, over the ear headphones can be easily worn and won’t get caught on a ponytail or bun. I usually wash my hair and put the pigtails in while my hair is still damp. After all that traveling I can have fresh wavy hair ready to go when I decide to take my pigtails out.

But my two favourite parts of my airport outfit are actually my travel pig Captain Kogi and my adorable roller suitcase. Carrying around a heavy backpack puts a lot of strain on my shoulders so this cute roller bag is a great way to look stylish and be practical at the same time. My travel pig is both adorable and excellent for sleeping on and keeping my shoulders from dislocating on the rock hard seats of the airplanes. I also recommend asking for an extra pillow as soon as you arrive on the airplane. They usually run out of pillows and while you already have one tiny pillow made for a tiny human, having two tiny pillows plus your stuffed toy pig makes for a much more comfortable flight.

And since I like being organized, I have a tiny little bag with my name on it that fits a permanent marker (for writing on luggage tags and filling out landing forms) a tiny hair brush, my little medicine kit, and it is also big enough to fit my plane tickets. Also how cute is my passport cover??? 😉

Do you have a specific airplane travel outfit? Does wearing a dress to the airport sound like a nightmare? Let me know!

One thought on “Practical Airport Fashion

  1. Brilliant. I usually have my outfit down to a science too. Light layers that don’t take up room (I always get cold) and no annoying belts to remove at security and always slip on shoes for international flights…again making it easier through security. I love my sweatshirt blazer for flying. Soft comfy sweatshirt material and easy to roll up into a carry on, but looks polished and profesh when necessary.