Summertime Skull Dress

Does this dress look like an apron? Cause I feel like it does. I bought this crazy dress in the reject bin for under $10 because I loved the print and the length and I didn’t get the guts to wear it for almost two years. Hahaha does that ever happen to you? Anyways, this year I finally got the courage to wear it and found that a simple tube top or racer back tank top with matching bra did the trick. It’s not the world’s most flattering dress because it’s baggy in weird places but it’s great for a humid summer night and it looks funky casual.

I also love it because, surprise, I bet you can’t see my knee brace can you? Since this dress is a light cotton with a slit up the back, it doesn’t catch and cling to my knee brace like some dresses do. I can stand and walk freely without anyone seeing a bump on my knee. When it comes to shoes and bad knee days, these fancy flip flop type sandals are one of my favourites. The support comes from the strap over the top of your foot and the giant diamond bling slides between your toes to keep it flat. I don’t have to worry about tripping up due to flappy flip-flops or falling because I tried to wear heels on a bad knee day. Some days I can work a tall chunky wedge heel but today was not that day.

Side note: I enjoyed some gorgeous flower cocktails at Flower Gin in HBC! It’s a flowershop and she serves a small selection of Hendrick’s Gin cocktails and garnishes them with flowers. Also too pretty to drink. Almost.