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Colourful Sneakers and Knee Braces

Hot, sticky, summer in Korea. It gets so humid and hot here that you sweat without doing anything. I didn’t know my elbow crease could be nasty until I experienced Korea summer. Backsweat? Yes please. I’d like a side order of underboob sweat while you’re at it. At this point in the summer I bow to the Baggy Formless T-shirt Dress Overlord who gives me some relief from all my gross body sweat.

PSSSTTTTTT did you know that this “dress” is actually a men’s tank top from H&M? I loved how long it looked and I thought the white peeping out from the bottom of the blue plain tank top made it look almost like a tank top on top of a dress shirt.

Since it’s a men’s tank top, it isn’t made with boobs in mind , so I’m wearing a neon pink tank top bra so that you can see the bright colour peeping though and it doesn’t look like I’m flashing the world sideboob. And I’d like to mention, autocorrect tried really really hard to make me write sidebar instead of sideboob. SIDEBOOB.

Crop Top Bras
I paired this sporty Baggy Formless T-shirt Dress Overlord look with a pair of really bright sneakers and cute ruffled polka dot socks to distract people from my knee brace. These are Inkkas shoes which are super duper comfy. I switched out the plain white laces for a bright aqua colour to add more pop to them. The socks are from Japan and they have three levels of adorable ruffle which makes wearing sneakers with a dress more feminine in my opinion.

If I wore a pair of flip-flops (which are not practical for a bad knee day no matter how much I want to wear them) they wouldn’t offer any kind of excitement to this outfit, which means the eye would look at the baggy plain coloured tank top dress and then it would travel straight down to the knee brace. I find I can still spruce up a plain outfit with colourful shoes or even by changes my laces.

2 thoughts on “Colourful Sneakers and Knee Braces

  1. I really like how the tank top dress camouflages the knee brace, and the turquoise in the shoes really pops. I might put in a turquoise hair bow, for added emphasis, but I really love the outfit. Speaking as someone who lives with depression & PTSD, I’m starting to see how improving my appearance can make me feel a little better on the inside. TY Martina!!
    ~ Deb/Loba in Seattle